Upper-Air Germicidal UVC Fixture (Corner Mount)

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American Ultraviolet CM Series in-room air treatment fixtures are designed specifically for upper air irradiation. These trusted fixtures have been successfully used to control the spread of airborne microorganisms in hospitals, prisons, clinics and government buildings since 1960. The fixtures incorporate adjustable louvers that safely direct UVC energy above contact level (7+ feet) with occupants, ensuring CM fixtures are ideal for air disinfection in occupied rooms.

Applications: CM Series single lamp fixtures from American Ultraviolet are used for in-room installation in commercial, industrial, health care and institutional buildings.

The CM 15 units are designed to mount in corners of rooms where TB Series units are not desirable. A single CM 15 unit can cover 75-100 square feet, depending on the application. The CM 15 is easily accessed for lamp replacement by simply removing a single fastener on the top of the unit and sliding off the louver. CM 15 lamps are rated for 9,000 hours effective lamp life (approximately 1 year). Replacement Lamp GML500 (120V) or GML510 (220V)


     • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses and mold that either grow or pass through the air handling systems. Reduces the risk of cold, flu, allergies and other illness associated with air handling systems.

     • Five-year, non-prorated warranty on the ballast.

     • Continuously cleans upper air in rooms, preventing airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses.

     • Produces no ozone or other secondary contaminants.

CM 15 SPECIFICATIONS:  Every CM 15 fixture from American Ultraviolet is manufactured and factory assembled in the U.S.A., and tested prior to shipment. Each assembly consists of housing, reflector, louver, power cord, lamp socket and self-ballasted UVC lamp.

FIXTURE: Housings are constructed of powder coated, heavy gauge hospital grade stainless steel. Lamp changes can be done without removing the fixture from the mounting. All components are in one integrated assembly to maximize serviceability.

LAMPS: CM 15 lamps are self-ballasted, 15watt UVC lamps with a screw-in base.