Turnkey Thermal Monitor Station

Keep Your Doors Open & Safe From Illness


TakeTempsTM Body Thermal Detection Monitoring Solution by NUUO is a simple, fully integrated hardware and software system capable of providing touchless temperature screening of multiple people within a 3-meter range – depending on the entry opening. The Dual Sensor IP Camera and Self-Contained Monitoring Station can be set up in minutes and require no special training for use.

The camera(s) mounts easily overhead and is directly connected to the monitoring station to provide an accurate, initial temperature screening*
in real time. An easy-to-use control panel displays both a visible video and thermal video of the screened subject. When an abnormal temperature is found, a pop-up alarm informs the monitoring system operator who can then request the person to do a secondary temperature measurement before entering the location.

The patented technology in the NUUO system can quickly and efficiently screen volumes of customers, employees or students entering any indoor lobby, hallway or access point and maintain a safe social distance for the operator while preventing feverish people from entering. Businesses and institutions can reopen or stay open while providing a safer environment to protect against illness.


• Real Time Fever Detection

• Touchless – Reduced Contamination Risk For Operator

• High Temperature Alarm Pop Up

• Allows for Screening of 10 – 15 People at Once

• Integrated Plug N Play Hardware & Software

• Lower-Cost Alternative to Imports

• Assembled in the USA

Any Indoor Location:
• Commercial/Industrial
• Gyms
• Nursing-Care Facilities
• Public Facilities
• Restaurants
• Retail
• Schools

Specs and Fact Sheets




  • 2 MP Visible Light Spectrum Camera Combined with a Thermal Detection Camera
  • Pandemic Fever Detection**
  • Eliminates the Need to Manually Scan Students /
  • Employees with a Hand Scanner (Reduces the Risk of Contaminating the Device Operator)**
  • 3 Meter Detection Zone (Indoor Only)
  • Includes Main Console IP+ Camera License & Thermal Analytic License
  • Supports Live View (No Recording) as a Standalone System with a Windows Based PC when not Connected to a NUUO® Main Console VMS System
  • Elevated Temperature Detection Using NTD-10 Non-Contact Dual Sensor Thermal Camera
  • Self-Contained Unit with Analytics & Video Monitoring Software
  • Liveview Monitoring with Audible & Visual Event Notification
  • Powers & Supports up to Four NTD-10 Thermal Cameras
  • Provides Both Thermal & Visible Images Simultaneously
  • Systems can Screen Multiple Personnel at the Same Time
  • High Throughput-Reduces Screening Time

Assembled in the USA from TAA
compliant country components where necessary

NUUO has been in buisness since 2004 and has an
award-winning history with a full line of video
surveillance equipment.

** Not a medical device and is not designed or intended for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease of condition. The solution is a screening tools that business can use to identify individuals with an elevated skin temperature. It is recommended that a contactless thermometer is used as a secondary check for anyone showing an elevated temperature during the initial scan.